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We pay attention to the fine details that make our products unique. It is our goal to assist you in a quality hunt and make your successful outing—our success. One way that we accomplish this is to offer the best guarantee in the industry. It is simple. If you ever have a problem with any of our products, we will repair or replace it forever!!! We will do everything possible to fix it, and get you back out hunting.

  • **Please use the “Contact Us” form below so we can call or email you a return address.  Please Read the following carefully, or we will return the item without the need corrections.**
  • If you have a pack with a frame, remove the frame and belt before mailing.  Only send the part that is damaged. It will save you some money and time when shipping it to us.
  • We do not fix burn holes, damage to fabric, fabric that is torn from fences or going through tough terrain, hardware that is smashed from car doors or other problems caused from your own carelessness.  We only work on our own manufactured workmanship.  That includes, seams that open, straps that break, or zippers that catch.  We do not repair worn out fabric from years of use. We do have an exchange program for those that have worn a pack out beyond repair, and would like to purchase another at a discount.
  • We will replace buckles that have have broken do to compressions.
  • Send pictures if you are in doubt of our ability to fix it.  We will make a judgement call and send you a return address and instructions.
  • Make sure to wash and clean the item so we can work on it safely.  The product can take it.
  • Then send your product to our current address.  (When you return the item to us please include a name, phone number, address, and stated problem.)
  • We will fix it or replace it and send it back.
  • It is that easy!

SOP has seen some pretty abused packs.  Some packs are out right abused.  I honestly do not know how you carry that much weight in one pack.  Some of your stories are amazing and are a testament to the toughness of our packs.   We do not produce the material that we us, but if a seam splits, zipper fails or a strap comes loose that we manufactured, we feel obligated to make it right.  We have always taken our customers criticism very seriously and work to make a product that is worthy of your hunt.  I have a new Aluminum buckle that we sell as an option for the the three compression straps across the back.  They are $11.00 dollars each. But if you need absolute confidence that your load will stay secure I would suggest adding those buckle for your piece of mind.  I would hate to be out 5 miles and have a buckle break and dump my load out of the pack and wonder how I was going to make it home.  We all do not hunt that far out but this is an option for those that do.

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