We pay attention to the fine details that make our products unique. It is our goal to assist you in a quality hunt and make your successful outing—our success. One way that we accomplish this is to offer the best guarantee in the industry. It is simple. If you ever have a problem with any of our products, we will repair or replace it forever!!! We will do everything possible to fix it, and get you back out hunting.

  • Please use the “Contact Us” form below so we can call or email you a Return Authorization number.
  • Make sure to wash and clean the item so we can work on it safely.
  • Then send your product to our current address.  (When you return the item to us please include a Return Authorization number, name, phone number, address, and stated problem.)
  • We will fix it or replace it and send it back.
  • It is that easy!

SOP has seen some pretty abused packs.  Some packs are out right abused.  I honestly do not know how you carry that much weight in one pack.  Some of your stories are amazing and are a testament to the toughness of our packs.   We do not produce the material that we us, but if a seam splits, zipper fails or a strap comes loose that we manufactured, we feel obligated to make it right.  We have always taken our customers criticism very seriously and work to make a product that is worthy of your hunt.

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