Ed Brewer - Partner SOP

I have never been prouder of our product designs than right now. We have a group of people that know how to make your hunt more comfortable, enjoyable, and successful. Many of those people are the dedicated hunters that use our product every year and give us honest upfront feed back. Some times we just get lucky. But you can be assured that we will make a quality product that you can trust. We even guarantee it. Don’t leave the house to hunt with out us. We want to be a part of every successful hunt. Now, go out and hunt like you mean it!


Eric Chesser - Tines UP

Hunting is more then taking a trophy animal, it’s my get away from daily life, it’s a chance to push myself physically and mentally, and an opportunity to provide food for myself, friends, and family. I absolutely love it and cannot imagine a life without it. Hunting is important, and so is the gear I choose to take with me. Horn Hunter packs and products make me a better more efficient hunter and I won’t pack anything else. With the help from my Horn Hunter pack I’ve been able to haul out numerous animals and many shed antlers. It’s nice to know that I never head into the woods alone, it’s always at least me and my pack.


Ken Byers- Byers Media

I know God took his time when he formed the majestic RockyMountain’s & I believe one needs to do the same when selecting your pack when hunting there.  That’s why I’m been hunting with SOP/Horn Hunter packs for over a decade! They are as tough as the country!



Ryan Nielson - Utah

Bowhunting isn’t a hobby for me, it’s my livelihood.  I hunt in extreme conditions and I have to be able to count on every piece of my equipment.  My Horn Hunter pack is the cornerstone of every adventure.  Strap one on and hunt like you mean it!


Tim Harald - Host, Outdoor America

“Horn Hunter packs go with me everywhere.  Whether I am in Africa for Cape Buffalo, or Home in Kentucky for whitetail, I never go out without my “Horn Hunter” pack.


Kendal Holt - Utah

I work hard to make it a successful hunt every year.  Day in and day out hiking and searching through the woods.  I always believe I will find the perfect bull.  That is why I hunt with a pack that can pack out as well as a pack that can haul in.


Colton Kakala - Employee

This is my 2013 limited entry Vernon buck! All together this was a hunt of a lifetime! I hunted day after day and finally on the eighth day I harvest this beautiful Muley! I hit him about ten o’clock and he went no more than sixty yards for me to find my trophy. Had him packed out with a main beam XL! I fit all four quarters, the backstraps and the cape and head all on this pack! I also had my bino hub with the detachable range finder to help me get the job done! I could by have done it without the Horn Hunter gear! It’s truly amazing product! Last off I want to thank my dad and all the people that helped along!

Happy hunting!


Chris Dunlap

I have used packs from almost every major manufacturer out there. What I found was it always took multiple packs to get the job done. One for the day hunts and one to haul the heavy loads. That is until I found Horn Hunter.

I use the full curl system and it does it all. I can use it to haul in my camp, then use it for my day pack and, when the good lord gives me some luck, I can use it for the heaviest loads– you can imagine. I have loaded my pack with 1/2 a boned out elk (well over 100 pound pushing closer to 150 pounds) and hiked 2 1/2 miles. Not only was the pack able to handle that kind of load I was able to keep it secure and be as comfortable as you can with that kind of load. I can’t tell you how many times I have done this but I can tell you I wore my pack everyday I hunted this year. Putting in over a 100 miles on foot and my pack was on my back the whole time. I was also lucky enough to get to haul out a bull elk again this year and again I loaded my pack down with over 100 pounds for multiple trips. This pack is indestructible. This is the one pack that does it all and it does it with ease and comfort.


Jason Dlouhy - Idaho

Hunting is all year long for me.  From Spring turkey and bear, to deer and elk in the fall, predators in the winter, hogs and anything else I can get after I am always in the woods and in forever changing habitats.  Because of this, I need gear that can adapt to whatever hunt I am going on and withstand the abuse that I put it through yet still remain comfortable so that I can put in the extra miles needed to succeed.  That is why I choose Sportsman’s Outdoor Products/Horn Hunter.


Jake Anderson - Oregon

I look forward to the chance to be in the outdoors!  I cherish and respect the gift I have been given by my almighty creator.   I love my family and what better place to raise my two boys than in Gods back country. I will always be grateful to my Dad for introducing me to this amazing sport.   For me hunting is about family, friends and making memories.  Every year I look forward to packing my gear in to the area I am going to hunt.  If I am so blessed I will be packing meat out with my Horn Hunter and enjoy the experience with my family.


Cory Staniforth - Rogue Dude

When hunting in deep wilderness with one thing in your possession to hold and contain all your hunting survival tools, it better be the best pack you can buy.  That is why I trust and use all Horn Hunter packs and accessories.